Understanding the market and working cost efficiently

These are the cornerstones for Don Limón South Africa, which developed well over the past five years.  We expanded with our global marketing campaign, showing presence in every important market.  By serving our clients 52 weeks of the year, staying in daily communication with customers and providing holistic insights, our Company communicates with markets all over the world.  This aids our ability to create a sound customer relationship, together with the development of a solid supply chain structure.

We diversified our business by shifting our focus to client and product value adding services.  Gaining trust under these circumstances allowed us to also focus on the supply chain to deliver products to customers within a cost-efficient structure.  The change and addition to the existing business model was an improvement to the overall performance.

In Europe we consider ourselves a market, this created an understanding on how it is to receive good customer- and product service.  Being the final customer, we experienced first-hand the significance of professional communication, timely product delivery and stakeholder’s client service.  Because we work with fresh produce, we continuously face challenges, but by implementing mechanisms to identify the issue and came to a solution – that Don Limón is able to steadily increase its presence in the global market.

Our South African unit strengthened a lot in the past years. We achieved this by focusing our energy on modern markets and their trends.

We are living in a world of permanent change, which compliments our ability to adapt to these changes.  We as a company are on the forefront when it comes to dealing with rejuvenating markets.  We understand the importance and the complexity of this transition phase as the younger generation enters the world of fresh produce marketing.  Our goal is to always invest in the next steps. To be at the edge of change.