Everybody knows about the poor who suffer. But the less do anything about it. But the people from the Sandfish Foundation do their best to help the poor and forgotten people all around the world.

They commit their self to help the needy and ill people in development countries and to offer them hope for a brighter future. A long-term solution by development projects is their target. The people around the passed Founder Mr. Heinz Fastner want to bolster young and old trying to integrate them into a faultless social environment. The Sandfish Foundation also supports building new schools and offers the poor a medical supply.

The members don´t think that practical help changes the most: so, they also focus on teaching Christian worth and social elementary laws. On the other hand side, they support the acquisition of apprenticeship  and vocationa training. All projects are monitored by a local responsible, so the Foundation always knows what’s going on. In addition, they also teach cultural drawn craft. Beyond the motto:

Helping the disenfranchise, helpless and ill people and give them a voice of hope and a future.

The foundation supports projects in Latin-America, Asia and Africa.

The Peru project for example got developed due to the idea of the local association APAI. The main target was to build a Kindergarten/pre-school in the Slum “Siete de Octubre” in Lima. The construction finished at the end of April 2015 after one-year time. The teachers at the new build school get paid by the Peruvian government and they also paid 2 more containers to offer more children education and security.

Mrs. Dr. Andrea Hofer is the local responsible to supervise the project.

“It´s every time a bless to see the children play at this good equipped Kindergarten” – Dr. Andreas Hofer

In the past Don Limón already worked together with the Sandfish Foundation and donated money as well to support the Peruvian project. We are happy to know we helped the Sandfish Foundation to realize this beautiful project!