World without Hunger

The worlds’ population is growing exponentially and the demand for sufficient food is getting more important. The concept of smart agriculture is a way to provide healthy food and treat the soil carefully and sustainably. For these reasons the UN and FAO initiated the “Feeding the World in 2050” initiative, and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development similarly initiated the program “A World without Hunger 2030”. Don Limón as a fresh fruits and vegetables producer is playing an active part in contributing to these two global initiatives.

Don Limón holds high product standards – in quality and production. Working closely with the smallholder farmers, building up trust and finding individual solutions to local challenges is a core approach to reach the Don Limón standards. Our motto is: think global, act local.

Good to know
Don Limón is committed to initiating agricultural projects in developing regions such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In line with Don Limóns’ sustainability approach, water and energy projects are initiated in the production countries – bringing together farmers and international companies that work in the environmental-friendly agriculture sphere. Moreover, empowering the farmers through investments and new technical equipment, educating them through training centers that will expand their knowledge about pest control, water and energy usage, processing and packaging is the basic idea of the Don Limón approach.

Don Limón is partnering with local producers through successful partnerships with the government and multi-lateral organizations, better known as Public Private Partnerships (PPP); Don Limón has already started PPP projects in India and Mexico. Additional support and country specific agricultural knowledge is offered through University collaborations that provide on-location assistance with scientific approach. Future partnerships and projects are in planning phase in Africa and Latin America.