Don Limón Sustainability Research-Project 2018 in partnership with Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)

20 students are asked to critically evaluate and to further develop the sustainability strategy of Don Limón. The students presented the task splitted up in 4 sub-topics at Großmarkt Hamburg and were partnered in discussion with the staff from Don Limón.




In the coming years, sustainability will increasingly become the central perspective in the food sector. Sustainable management must be implemented visibly at all stages of the value chain. With the increasing interest of consumers in sustainably produced food, the need for information also increases. Don Limón measurements for Sustainability based on SDGs are customized on the value-chain starting in production in oversea countries in Latin-America, India and Africa.



Since more then 10 years Don Limón works with smallholders in developing countries. With more than 10.000 workers in fields, packing-and processing-processes Don Limón provides services, trainings and consultancies to establish and enlarge employment, strengthen export-ability of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and to realize higher income situation. The challenge is the communcation along the value-chain with different cultures combining production with customers.




New Business Development at Don Limón

A new area for Don Limón will be micro finance for smallholders to bulit up their business in agriculture and getting part of exportmarkets. Also the partnership with manufacturers for agriculture mashineries, as well implementing infratructure for energy and water in underdeveloped areas to attract farmers are able to settle in agriculture and earn their living.

Agriculture 4.0 along the whole value-chain

A lot of solutions in the area of Internet-of-Things enter agriculture sector. Don Limóns starts to work with drones. Results will be surrended directly to smallholders who easily can improve their production. Customers will be provided with needed information much earlier and much more in detail than today. The interaction and effiency between field and packing processes will be increased and strenghten reliability in delivering food in international markets. Also we are still in business with smallholders.

Don Limón is active in development-projects. Two develoPPP.de are close to finish. Within the next project Wetern-Africa get in focus of Don Limóns development projects. Don Limón made good experiences with German Government. Still it is a rag rug which changes fluently. But it is necessary for a company like Don Limón to partner with Governments to develop in partnership with developing nations skills, productions and techniques in agriculture and strengthen their positioning in world wide competition.




A warm applause and deep respect for the students and a heartily gratitude to Sarah Jastram, the professor leading the Chair for International Ethics and Sustainability at Hamburg School for Business administration given from CEO Andreas Schindler.

For more information about research-results please get in contact with Don Limón.

Andreas Schindler