November 2020

Don Limón unveils flexible direct sourcing partnerships for corporate retailers

From direct procurement to office set-up, the German group is offering produce retail buyers a mix of services…

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September 2020

The Global Recruitment Drive for Innovative-business

2020 is time to expand ….

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September 2020

Don Limón Recruitment Campaign September 2020

Don Limón is recruiting Trader.
The current economic environment is showing great opportunities for global expansion.

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September 2017

Business Ecosystem (englisch)

Don Limón CEO likens company to ecosystem

“Most important thing is to develop our people”
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July 2017

Impulse – Gib ab! (german)

It becomes clearer: More and more employers hand over more responsibility to their employees. Here are some inspiring stories and tips for delegation.

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October 2016

Change for Don Limon grapes from India (english)

In cooperation with Developpp, Sequa and the German Federal Ministry of Development, Don Limón is now providing support to small farmers in India in order to help them gain…
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