Don Limón strives to improve the world of fruit and vegetable production globally in a sustainable way.

With the holistic view of the supply chain, considering best practices in the field and packing house processes, as well as energy and water management, we make a sustainable contribution to the food industry.

Learn more about our collaboration with smallholder farmers in developing countries for better quality and supply chain management.

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Our latest brochure!

Have you seen our new brochure yet? Everything that you need to know about us, condensed into 16 pages.

Professionalism and reacting immediately are the key factors for a successful business relationship with our partners. We focus on selected products and are involved in every part of the process chain: from the field to the consumer.

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It’s not a car. It’s a symbol.

The Don carefully chose his car. Although no car fanatic, he understands: Even the company car is brand communication. And this car says: We are faster, more agile, effective, direct, fresh and fun.

Fruit Business is People Business

Fruit business is people business: In 2012 Mark Gmehling designed our international Fruit-Team. Later we modified it and published it in Asia. Since then we are working on a global company.

We bring Latin America closer

We became aware of our competence of building bridges between Latin America and Europe. We were communicating: No one brings you closer to Latin America.

Limes are Our World
Donna Limona
The juiciest Fruits
ORCA Campaign