Employee First


As a company we strive to improve the world of fruit production and fruit distribution in a sustainable way, with the right sense and reason. Further we want to create a noticeably positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors in this context. Our company is a family business in the 3rd generation. Therefore, we always think about the future and our respective actions, so we focus on long term solutions. Because of that, we consider ourselves a Learning Company. This means we set high standards for ourselves, like fully understanding every step and detail in the supply chain and through this we are able to permanently improve and enhance it. Our global and integral view of the supply chain gives us an opportunity to influence and change it in the process.

Back in the days we bought fruits, shipped it from A to B and then sold it. Nowadays, we are able to design and organize the supply chain right from the origin in the southern hemisphere all the way to the demand-driven markets in the northern hemisphere. Through our technical and communication know-how we can overcome every challenge that comes our way. Our output markets are divided in the following four regions: North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. On the procurement side we source fruits from Latin America, Africa, Asia and South Europe.

Related and subject-specific knowledge about the agricultural production, global logistics, global marketing, project management in terms of international development aid, water and energy management, collaboration with universities for research and many more details, guide our actions and everyday work. This knowledge is a deciding factor to achieve something great. The fruit production, marketing and the fruit business in general, is a very complex and fast-moving process, which leaves little space for mistakes.

The key objective for us is continuous development and learning more each day, about how our producers work, how they carry themselves in their cultural surrounding, how they produce and of course about the features of our products. As a global enterprise we act and communicate in an open, authentic and cooperative way. The main focus for us is to be socially responsible, environmental friendly, as well as economically sustainable with our producers.

We are a trustworthy company that trades in a considerate and meaningful manner; through this we achieve a real and visible impact on the community and the environment.

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The Schindler Family