Lemons ready for the market

Lemons are an important product on our list. We mainly offer the two sour varieties: Eureka and Lisbon. But we also sell sweeter ones in additions. The Spanish season just ended but the Argentinian and South African season is starting right now. By September the lemons season starts again with imports from Spain and Turkey. Lemons are suitable for many processing’s. They can be used in the cleaning industry for example and more important for juicing and cooking.

The fruits contain a very high amount of Vitamin C (~64% of the Daily value in a 100g serving) and many phytochemicals. Lemons contain more citric than grapefruit and limes and oranges.

John Edmonds (CGA Information Manager) is in the process of compiling the Statistical Overview of the Citrus Growers Association of South Africa for 2017. After many years of uninterrupted increases in the average price realized for all sectors of the South African citrus industry in 2017, 2017 has been mixed, according to Justin Chadwick, CEO of CGA.

Orange prices showed a marginal increase, while both grapefruit and tangerines had average prices. There was a significant decline in the average price of lemons. Despite the decline in average sale price a record volume was exported in 2017: gross export revenues increased from 16.2 billion ZAR in 2016 to 17.7 billion ZAR in 2017, an increase of 9.2%.