Indian Grapes

Back in 2014 when we started with our first shipment of Indian Grapes to the European market, we couldn’t imagine that our journey will come so far. Yet, we are here, announcing our next big project. Don Limon along with Agrion Overseas is beginning the construction of a new horticulture packhouse and cold-storage in India.

Over the years, we crossed many hurdles at the point of production and exports of grapes. However, lack of infrastructure in India has been limiting factor for our production capacity. With our new packhouse we plan to not only increase our volume but also improve the quality and waste-reduction of grapes and pomegranates.

In an area of 25000 sq. ft, the construction will take place in the Sangli, Maharashtra, with the cold storage capacity of 250 MT. This includes modern machines handling from cleaning, sorting until packaging and storage of the fruits and vegetables. The facility will have additional capability to manage value-added products such as pomegranate seeds (Arils), cut vegetables and raisins.

“Our plans for expansion of the grape market to countries like Russia, Armenia, Belgium along with our existing customer base (Germany, UK) has always been the big step to reach. This packhouse is the answer for our diversification goals. It not only delivers the desired volume, but also the variations in specifications for our customers’ needs.” said Mr. Kemal Urak, Retail Manager, Don Limon GmbH (Germany).

The construction will be kick started on 23rd of August 2018. The opening will be attended by all our farmers’ friends and their families. Among the attendees are our International customers, Agriculture representatives from Maharashtra and Political leaders.