Don Limón

The Don Limón grape producers are based in Sangli, India. Through the project, supported by the German government, Don Limón organizes regular farmer trainings for quality control and knowledge transfer. We are also in communication with an Indian company to provide advanced spraying kits for the farmers to raise their health standards and awareness. This project started with only 1 container in 2015, increasing to 52 containers exported in 2017.

At present, the pruning process has been under progress in most of our vineyards. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are applied by keeping intact the good buds and removing the rest. Even though there is unseasonal rainfall before the harvest this year, the farmers are insuring a high-quality harvest in January with their preventive practices.

The grapes are available in different varieties: Thompson, Sharad (loose and punnets); Thompson & Sharad and Thompson & Flame (mixed punnets). For the upcoming season, we are expecting arrivals in Rotterdam between the 7th and 24th calendar week of 2018. The volume forecast for the coming season is 75-80 containers for the European market and around 10-15 containers for the Canadian market. The grapes will be packed in Don Limón, Gilbert Grape and Generic cartons to cater to our customer needs.