Grapefruits from South Africa

As you might know, the South African grapefruit season did start. One of our favorite varieties, Star Ruby, is known for its intense red pulp.  Both tart and sweet, the  Star Ruby has smooth yellow skin with a pink blush and deep red flesh. Grapefruits aren´t just rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, but can also aid in weight loss! As a general rule of thumb, the redder the flesh, the sweeter the fruit. 

Don-Limón – South African Citrus

Growing citrus in South Africa require skills, knowledge and years of experience to produce top quality fruits. The packing process needs to be well managed and controlled to ensure the best fruit is delivered from the orchard to the consumers. Don-Limón's biggest pride, along with the quality of our fruit, is the people involved in the entire supply chain. We believe by investing in people you are investing in the future

Gepostet von Don Limón am Donnerstag, 9. November 2017


Another one, that you have probably already tried since it’s one of the most popular varieties worldwide, is White Marsh. The fruit is medium-sized, slightly oval-round, with a thin and smooth rind, of right yellow colour. It is nearly seedless, with a tender light yellow flesh, which is extremely rich, juicy, aromatic and crispy.

We expect our first container to arrive this week. The season started slowly because of color development in the fruit but the internal quality is as good as it has always been.