Development Cooperation in Latin America

Don Limón, who formed the project, is a global network of partners, employees and organizations. They believe, that people with good ideas and will can provide a change in life quality for others due to agriculture.


Acting holistic, sustainable and with regard for the future of humans and nature is the focus for Don Limón. Understanding and managing the people involved, their culture, the agriculture and the whole environment in its complexity is the key for them.

In cooperation with the ministry for economic cooperation and development Don Limón has already formed more projects to support small-farm-holders in India, Africa and Latin America.


The sustainable development-project in central America has a strong focus on “woman empowerment “, also teaching technology and know-how. They support small-farm-holders to reach the international market with “ethnical trade”. Woman do almost 60% of the fieldwork and 90% of the packing.

The products might not be organic but they focus on a “clean-production” by using the less amount of chemicals against vermin and diseases as possible. So, Don Limón provides a highly reduced damage for the environment and the people.

Within the framework of the projects sweet potatoes became the key-product as they provide an opportunity for the small-farm-holders to increase their incoming: especially in areas without a lot of employment.

Sweet potatoes are easy to cultivate in the tropics and can be completely utilized:

  • Providing a well-adjusted nutrition with sweet potatoes, among others vitamin A for the locals
  •  Exporting the best sweet potatoes to Europe and Canada offers good proceeds
  •  The biggest amount of sweet potatoes gets processed to fries or crisps and sold to the U.S.
  •  Damaged potatoes get dried, processed to flour or animal-food
  • Almost no waist as nothing remains

About Potato Joe – a Don Limón brand

With their own brand (Potato Joe) Don Limón tries to sell the processed fries and crisps. Andreas Schindler, CEO of Don Limón, betokened their plan for 2018/19.

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