Don Limón officially declares to work towards a world without Hunger.

The UN and FAO Sustainable Development Goals are on the top of our agenda and we want to create a social, environmental and economic impact in rural regions to improve the livelihood of the population.

As of now, we established three successful projects in India (table grapes), Mexico (organic limes) and Honduras (sweet potato). Through this we created employment and worked towards a better livelihood of all people involved in the projects.

For further and detailed information about our development projects, please check out our: develoPPP India, develoPPP Mexico, Honduras Project

Don Limón is committed to rise from the participant level to become a champion in the Zero Hunger Challenge.

Don Limón is committed to initiating agricultural projects in developing regions such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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Zero Hunger Challenge

Don Limón has long years of experience in working with cultural differences. We learned that partners in local communities are keys when it comes to successful development business. Through native speakers in our international team who are agricultural experts, Don Limón became part of this world and was able to overcome cultural and physical differences. Furthermore, we use university research to conduct information that helps us develop and achieve a better production.

Our way to manage the supply chain, allows us to be the producer alongside with smallholder farmers, who are able to improve their living conditions and livelihood through production and education on sustainable farming and subsequently achieve a stable income throughout the whole year. Moreover, fruits andvegetables play a big role for a nutritious and healthy diet in the production country as well as the in the northern hemisphere.

For further information about the Zero Hunger Challenge, please visit this website: Zero Hunger Challenge

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As a company we strive to improve the world of fruit production and fruit distribution in a sustainable way, with the right sense and reason. Further we want to create a noticeably positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors in this context. Our company is a family business in the 3rd generation. Therefore, we always think about the future and our respective actions, so we focus on long term solutions.

Because of that, we consider ourselves a Learning Company. This means we set high standards for ourselves, like fully understanding every step and detail in the supply chain and through this we are able to permanently improve and enhance it.

Our project in India

Our project in Mexico

Our project in Honduras

We are a trustworthy company that trades in a considerate and meaningful manner; through this we achieve a real and visible impact on the community and the environment.

Please feel free to connect with us if you would like to share your ideas or thoughts.