Citrus from Spanien

The citrus fruits from Alicante enjoy around 300 day and 3000 hours of sunshine every year. Due to this condition they taste incomparable.

Current predictions forecast a fruitful coming season a high demand.

The lemons for example are expected to arrive in cw 42. The 15kg heavy wood boxes, filled with Primofiore lemons by Don Limón, arrive in the warehouse Mooy in Waddinxveen, Holland in the calibers 90, 100, 120. Weekly supplies are planned for the whole winter season.


The Navelina oranges by Don Limón get delivered also in 15kg wooden boxes and arrive in Waddinxveen as well. They are available in caliber:
54, 64, 70, 80, 90 and 100 off cw 42/43.

Weekly supplies are planned for the oranges as well.





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