Chinese Pomelos market in Europe

Pomelos from China are one of the most favorite winter fruits for European people. The market demand has been increasing in Europe every season.

Origin and its specialty (also varieties)

The varieties Guangdong and Pinghe are named by their county of origin. This region has distinct weather condition for honey pomelos production. Its’ high per cent of meat and good brix level and taste, makes it a preferable fruit.

Don Limon partnership with the suppliers

Don Limón is developing the fruit value chain over four years. We have a different sources of production from both regions. Specific pomelo sizes, attractive designed cartons and good quality are loaded every time.






Our offers, sizes, packaging, volume, brand, arrival details

Honey Pomelos
Guangdong (ETA CW 35) and Pinghe (ETA CW 38)
Available in Generic and Don Limón brands
9/10/11/12 sizes are available

Special mention on residue levels and Certificates

100 % MRL w.r.t European standards
Traceability tag is attached with each pomelo
We have Global G.A.P. and GRASP certificates.

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