About 2017 and 10 years of Don Limon
Sustainability is the new Bio

The don Limón Identity was created in September 2007 – it is 10 years now. We never expected that we can do so much out of it. It is on permanent evolution, growing every year and getting more and more established. Our global vision becomes more real every year. We are covering North America and Europe very well. We are back with clear targets in the Middle East and Asia. Our sourcing in all Latin America reached a level which we can call sophisticated. Our projects in South Africa were in 2017 very good and we expect further strong grow in 2018. The grapes from India had a difficult year but also here we feel the strong interest from our customer side in a sustainable growth – we predict to double for 2018, even when the crops are shrinking in 2018.  For products from Spain we also observe good market development and growing volume in the running season. We are preparing western Africa where we see a lot of potential.

The SDGs of UN became an important orientation for way of doing business – in 2017 we also published our first Sustainability Report. Producing and distributing Fruits in a sustainable way became our main purpose. Combining fruit business with positive social, economic and environmental Impact is our goal nowadays. Everything what we do have to make sense.

Sustainability is not only a Marketing tissue to make us look more beautiful. Since we became conscious about the importance of sustainability we feel a great energy from inside the company. Developing the personalities of our employees to get a company with an outstanding strong and clear personality became the most important issue. It is the fundament where we build all our activities on.

Don Limón is not only a brand for fruits – it is a spirit, a feeling a symbol of trust to bring people from all around the world together. Don Limón is an ecosystem to connect professional fruit people – producer, buyer, employee and others – by a permanent process of learning, improving and developing.

We are so proud about what we have done so far and we expect to have things to do the coming 100 years. Let’s start with 2018.

Best for all of you
Your Schindler Family and Don Limón Team